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Dr Michael F Richman, MD, FACS, FCCP

"Most Coronary Artery Disease victims (50% of men and 64% of women) are not diagnosed until sudden death or heart attack. With advanced lipoprotein testing we can change this statistic for good."

Dr Michael F Richman

Dr Richman on Dennis Prager

Time Magazine, Saturated Fats,
Lipids vs Lipoproteins

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The Dennis Prager Show

Dr Richman to Analyze the Relevance of MTHFR Polymorphisms in Venous Disease

12/1/2011 - Dr Michael Richman to Analyze the Relevance of MTHFR Polymorphisms in Venous Disease with or without Concomitant Thrombosis

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The Dennis Prager Show

Health Diagnostic Laboratory Partners with Dr Michael Richman to Fight Cardiovascular Disease

08/11/2010 - Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL), announced today its partnership with Michael F Richman, founder of The Center for Cholesterol Management in Los Angeles, with the goal of reversing the alarming increase in chronic diseases.

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The Dennis Prager Show

Dr Richman Hosts Webinar for Georgetown University

11/17/2009 - Dr Richman hosts a 1-hour webinar for Georgetown University on healthcare reform

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Georgetown University

Dr Richman Television Appearances for National Heart Health Month

Dr Richman appeared on many television shows across the nation during National Heart Health month - February, 2010
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Dr Richman on Television for National Heart Health Week
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Dr Richman Name as a Leading "Super Doctor" for 7th Consecutive Year!

Los Angeles Magazine's "Super Doctors" is considered a preeminent database for patients to find the top physicians and surgeons in Los Angeles. The company identifies the top doctors, as selected by their peers and further verified by independent research.

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How LDL Particles Cause Atherosclerosis

Welcome to The Center for Cholesterol Management. For the past fifty years, medical science has learned a lot about the causes of heart disease.  At first, doctors looked at total cholesterol numbers but then discovered that not all cholesterol was dangerous.

That's when doctors discovered the importance of identifying the different types of cholesterol - LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) and HDL (the "good" cholesterol).  Generally speaking, the lower the LDL numbers and the higher the HDL numbers, the better.

While measuring cholesterol is helpful, knowing these numbers isn't enough for all patients.  Doctors are beginning to realize that determining your risk of a heart attack is not as simple as just measuring your cholesterol.  A staggering fact shows this:

Doctors now know that approximately 50% of people who had heart attacks have had "normal" cholesterol numbers at the time.

This has caused many doctors to look for answers beyond cholesterol.